What To Pack

Packing tips

Besides your regular packing list, you might want to pack the following items.

  • medicine and prescriptions (Certain restrictions might apply. Please visit TSA website for more information)
  • eyeglasses/contact lenses (if needed)
  • address book with family phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • music from your home country
  • photos (family and friends) maps, flags, clothing typical of your country that can be used to share your culture with other students


Richmond is located in the mid-Atlantic region on the East Coast and is about 100 miles south from the nation’s

capital, Washington, D.C. The average temperature in the city is 33 degrees Celsius/91 degrees Fahrenheit in the

summer and 5.5 degrees Celsius/42 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months. The four distinct seasons require a variety of clothing, including warm clothing for the winter. The dress code on campus is generally informal, and most students wear casual clothing to classes. However, students are advised to have clothing appropriate for professional and special social functions that may arise.


  • comfortable shoes
  • lightweight, loose fitting clothing for warmer months
  • winter jacket
  • winter accessories (hat, gloves, scarf, etc.)
  • snow boots and/or waterproof or rain boots
  • pajamas
  • traditional/dress outfit
  • sweaters


We do recommend that you bring some cash with you until you are able to transfer funds from abroad. It can be expensive to transport a lot of belongings. It is better to buy what you need in the U.S. Especially bedding and personal items as bed and pillow sizes vary by country and these items take up lots of space.


If you decide to send your belongings separately, your main options are by boat or by air. Shipping items by boat takes longer, but is also half the cost of sending them by air. Allow eight weeks for items to arrive by boat, or one-to-two weeks for items shipped by air. Most international flights allow each student a maximum of two pieces of luggage weighing 50lbs (22kg) each (22kg x 2). Please make sure to write your name and U.S. address on the labels of your luggage and any carry-on items.